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Ancient Mythology: Egypt
updated December 10, 2017

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Ancient Mythology: Egypt
for Class 5

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I know that there is one token myth for Egypt at the end of Charles Kovacs's Ancient Mythologies book ("Isis and Osiris") and I always resented that fact. As a child I was obsessed with Ancient Egypt, teaching myself to read hieroglyphs, writing messages on scrolls of calculator tape that only I could read, absorbing every single thing I could get my hands on to read about Egypt (both fiction and non-fiction)... and fully intending to become an archaeologist when I grew up.

I'm certainly not the only child, or person, to become entranced by this wonderful civilization.

Now I have decided to devote an entire main lesson to the Egyptian myths and pharaohs. This topic is actually the perfect transition in fifth grade from mythology to true history!

The best book for the job is Gods & Pharaohs from Egyptian Mythology, from the fabulous World Mythology Series. This book is out of print now and you can find copies of it very inexpensively.

There are 26 stories in all plus some end notes about hieroglyphic writing, plenty for two blocks. If you prefer to focus on mythology and not transition your child completely into history just yet, I would suggest doing a three week block using just the first nine chapters.

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Table of Contents

Story #1 - Red land, black land

Story #2 - The waters of chaos

Story #3 - The nine gods

Story #4 - The secret name of Ra

Story #5 - The Eye of the Sun

Story #6 - The anger of Ra

Story #7 - The murder of Osiris

Story #8 - The conflict of Horus and Seth

Story #9 - The journey of the soul
[end of mythology; transition into history]

Story #10 - The seven-year famine

Story #11 - King Khufu and the magicians

Story #12 - The eloquent peasant

Story #13 - The shipwrecked sailor

Story #14 - The prince and the sphinx

Story #15 - The capture of Joppa

Story #16 - The doomed prince

Story $17 - The two brothers

Story #18 - The blinding of Truth

Story #19 - The Sun Pharaoh

Story #20 - The Princess of Bakhtan

Story #21 - The Book of Thoth

Story #22 - The young magician

Story #23 - The sealed letter

Story #24 - The clever thief

Story #25 - The voyage of Wenamon

Story #26 - Egypt in decline

Story #27 - Writing in ancient Egypt

Story #28 - Symbols in the Egyptian myths

Additional Resources:

Main Lesson Block Notes
I decided to focus on the mythology but weave some factual information and activities in. I also chose to present the background information using Edna McGuire's book because it is written in a much more child-friendly way than chapter #1 (Red land, black land) of the Mythology book.


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