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Fourth Grade
updated January 22, 2016

Morning Verse for Lower Grades

Waldorf Today Gallery of Main Lesson Book Pages - Elementary School
Beautiful and inspiring

Gallery of Chalkboard Drawings in the Waldorf Classroom grades 1 - 8

available online for free - with step by step directions and illustrations

Main Lesson Book pages shared by Christopherus Homeschool Resources

Waldorf Inspirations Gallery (grades 1-8)

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What's Taught?
The Waldorf School Curriculum - Grade 4 by Eugene Schwartz

I highly recommend reading The Chisel-Tooth Tribe by Wilfrid Swancourt Bronson as an accompaniment to the Zoology MLB.

drawing lessons from Live Ed that are super helpful for Man & Animal: three archetypal forms, drawing rabbits and birds, and the colorful owl and moon

It's expensive, but I think the absolute best form drawing book for Celtic knots and braided forms is Creative Form Drawing: Workbook 1

This series is also wonderful for the adult for inner work!

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