Preschool & K
updated September 12, 2015

I would define Preschool as roughly age 2-5, whereas Kindergarten I see as more age 5-6.

First Grade in Waldorf education comes when the child demonstrates certain physiological signs, not with a birthday, so be sure to look at the Class 1 page for more information.

New Preschool Program

"I have heard Waldorf is wonderful and I really want to try it with my young child, but I don't know anything about it. I'm really just learing. Where do I begin?"

Having been doing Waldorf for over four years, I have new and different ideas about how to go about it from the way I began; however, I am keeping my old curriculum on the site as well as many families find it useful in their transition to Waldorf.

For my old lesson plans, including 6 week units and newsletter topics, see the links to the left.

For my new list of the essential books & supplies and how to go about "homeschooling" with Waldorf for ages 2 and up, please click here: New Preschool Program.

Old Preschool Program

These were my personal lesson plans as my children and I transitioned into Waldorf. I offer them here in case they are helpful to other families going through the same process but they are merely suggestions and NOT a prescription. Feel free to substitute books and activities based on what you have at home. Click here, or use the links to the left, to see the Old Preschool Program.


The following are some miscellaneous curriculum resources available on the website:

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