Other Resources

The Froebel Gifts

The Original Homeschooling Series by Charlotte M. Mason
complete text of Charlotte Mason's six volume book series provided free for public use

Waldorf Auctions
an amazing service which puts all Waldorf-related eBay auctions in one place!

Waldorf Without Walls consultation service

Private Schools: Waldorf Schools List

Enki Education materials
written by a Waldorf-certified teacher who developed her own curriculum and new type of teaching method

Wonder Ranch Homeschool
Lucie Smoker has put together a wonderful list of Waldorf curriculum resources and we love her well-designed site and inspirational homeschool diary

Eurythmy FAQ - with links compiled by John Ralph


The WaldorfShop Network
A gathering of resources inspired by or of interest to families and friends of Waldorf Education

Waldorf Family Network
A community service project serving Waldorf home learners and others inspired by Waldorf education and the work of Rudolf Steiner. We serve the Waldorf community at large, and also offer select services for those living in the New England area.

Resources for the Preschool Years - compiled by Waldorf Curriculum

Resources for the Lower Grades - compiled by Waldorf Curriculum

Resources for the Upper Grades - compiled by Waldorf Curriculum

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