Resources for the Preschool Years - 1001 Ideas for Toddlers and Twos
updated July 29, 2017

Yes, you say, yes...
I understand that Waldorf early childhood programs are play-based (here is some important reading on the value of play) and do not include early academics or electronics.

But what does that LOOK LIKE? What do you do with your child each day?

Rhythm is key at this age and comfortable and familiar routines reign supreme. But it is also nice to throw in some new experiences and stimulate those curious little minds! Get those pudgy fingers and toes moving and exploring! And sweet eyes twinkling and little bellies rumbling with laughter!

This is not an exhaustive list and it is not a curriculum (the word curriculum literally comes from a Latin word which meant "racetrack"). Replace that idea of a "race to the finish line" with the thought that you are instilling a love of life, and a love of learning. This list is neither meant to be restrictive nor prescriptive; rather, it is meant to be descriptive. We all enjoy seeing and hearing about new ideas. So I hope these help to inspire you and I welcome your suggestions! Just email me.

Here are 1001 ways to enjoy your child during these wonderful, and all-too-short, years with your precious little Buttercups and Bumblebees.

NOTE: This project was started on Mother's Day 2016. My son was just turning one year old.

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May 2017 - twenty-four months old

    445. Zac loves to cover his doll with a silk and pretend that she's going down for a nap.

    446. Morning Verse for Early Childhood:
    (start by bending over touching your toes)
    I w-a-ke in the morning
    I stre-e-tch to the light
    (slowly stand and reach tall with your arms extended above you)
    I JUMP (jump, keeping your arms up high) to the Sun
    I am ready to start my day
    (bring your arms down to your sides)

    447. Evening Verse for Early Childhood:
    Safe I am, Safe I'll be,
    Protected by my angel.

    448. Shake a bottle of juice. Observe that it makes bubbles.

    449. Stack tall towers out of the groceries in your shopping cart. Yell ta da!

    450. Go strawberry picking at an Amish farm.

    451. Take a picnic dinner and go watch Stone Soup Shakespeare perform "Julius Caesar" in the park! Sit in a little camping chair and watch the drama unfold.

    452. Help put strawberries and banana slices into a smoothie. Yum. Don't forget to wash your hands before you cook!

    453. Help bring everyone in the house smoothies in bed on a Saturday morning.

    454. Go down to the pond and find an old rusty colored toad and a brand new little grass green painted turtle. Observe them carefully.

    455. Play in a log fort under the magnolia tree.

    456. Have an adult slice the tomatoes and mozzarella first, then help make Caprese Salad.

    457. Fill a large carwashing sponge up with water and then squeeze it out.

    458. Balancing Cactus! This is supposed to be for ages 3 and up but Zac loves it.

    459. Have popcorn for the first time.

    460. It's so fabulous that he knows the difference between "or" and "and." I love watching increasing language sophistication grow. He also, seemingly out of nowhere, knows all of his colors!

    461. Shopping for birthday presents. It's so sad that they don't make the Wild Animal Baby magazine anymore. My girls loved it!! Setled on Haba's Palette of Pegs and Color Pie and the Plan Toys Bee Hive.

    462. Make fresh-squeezed orange juice homemade vitamin C gummies. Store in the fridge. Gummy bear molds are adorable and easy. Let your child practice with the eyedropper and plain water for some excellent fine motor work.

    463. Finding toddler friendly recipes... mostly he is up for adding ingredients to a bowl, stirring, or washing produce. One example: Overnight Refrigerator Steel Cut Oats with Chia and Strawberries.

    464. Zac has only ever had white chalk. He was so excited when I presented him with a wooden bowl with different colors of chalk in it!

    465. Whisper together.

    466. Play hide and seek behind the peonies. Throw magnolia leaves at one another.

    467. Carefully refill the peanuts in the peanut bird feeder.

    468. Lift up and put back down the shapes in the Dog Magic Puzzle. This is made for dogs but Zac just adores it! Next up... we need to find a recipe for homemade dog treats.

    469. Travel and see new things. For us, this was a visit to the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium in Dubuque IA.

    470. Stay at home and see new things. For us, this was Crispus Attucks Park, a park right here in town, which turned out to have a free (and toddler-friendly) water playground.

    471. Make peanut butter cookies. Use a fork to press a criss-cross design in the top of the little balls of dough.

June 2017 - twenty-five months old

    472. Three board books that we have loved from the library, and just had to buy!

    473. And one must-own (he's soooo interested!) that isn't available as a board book...

    474. Running around naked in the yard, now that summer is here. I tried to set up a sink/float bin but he wasn't interested. However, he did find it cool that potatoes splash and sink, but lemons splash and then float up to the top!

    475. No more crib. Although he never once tried to climb out, we switched him to a twin mattress on the floor, so that he can get to his little potty.

    476. And no more high chair!

    477. Go to a new park and enjoy the playground equipment. Every one is different! One near us has sprinklers that spray jets of water up out of the ground for kids to run through.

    478. Road trip to visit great-grandparents.

    479. Stay in a little log cabin. Sit on the screen porch and watch the lightning bugs. Hunt for wild raspberries.

July 2017 - twenty-six months old

    480. Help ream a lemon, then shake up all the ingredients for salad dressing in a jar.

    481. Spin the chunky screw in the Olivewood Nutcracker around and around.

    482. Zac is fascinated by environmental print. First, he demanded to have pages from the newspaper so he could sit with us at breakfast and read the newspaper alongside us. Now, he has been requesting food packaging to examine, such as cereal boxes and milk cartons and cheese wrappers.

    483. Look at your reflection in the side of a sterling silver tureen.

    484. Throw a crabapple and search for it in the grass. Over and over.

    485. Run around the ballfield yelling Run Run Run.

    486. Draw with sidewalk chalk on the basketball court.

    487. Walk in the waves (but only a little). Gather confidence. Sit down in the waves and watch them come up and greet you.

    488. Drop handfuls of sand in a little stream.

    489. Throw sticks and shells into the Chesapeake Bay.

    490. Draw in the sand with sticks. Pour pails of water on people's feet. Bury their feet in sand and then uncover them.

    491. Roll your toy car down the playground slide.

    492. Watch fireworks at the beach.

    493. Watch a great blue heron flying. See a horseshoe crab come out of the water onto the sand. Watch the tips of a cow nose ray's wings as it swims by.

    494. Unroll and entire roll of paper towels.

    495. Go to a quiet spot in the grocery store and practice pushing the cart back and forth and turning it left and right.

    496. Turn the coat closet into a fort.

    497. Eat a juicy piece of watermelon and spit out the seeds.

    498. Watch deer walk through your yard during a thunderstorm.

    499. Borrow a game camera and take pictures of the animals that visit your yard after dark.

    500. Check all the balls in the house to see if they float.

    501. Draw with charcoal on the patio.

    502. Turn a little 4-legged table into a ring toss game, by resting it on its back in the grass.

    503. Set up a kiddie pool and fill it with a hose on a hot day.

    504. Watch the sprinkler move back and forth and water the garden. Taste mint and basil picked fresh from the garden. Crush and smell the dill.

    505. Our newest obsession: Herve Tullet.


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