The How & Why of Waldorf Education
updated March 6, 2010

*NEW* Educating the Will article by Michael Howard

Questions about Waldorf Methods gathered by Kristie Burns (Waldorf School Online) and answered by her and her board members

The Main Lesson - article by Waldorf Curriculum

How to Homeschool - article by Waldorf Curriculum

If Your Child is Under 40 Months - article by Waldorf Curriculum

Three Approaches from Europe: Waldorf, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia
paper published by ECRP (Early Childhood Research and Practice) with a comparative look at

  • History
  • Child Development Theory and Curriculum
  • Roles of the Teacher
  • Assessment, Evaluation, and Research

Getting Started with Waldorf - article by Waldorf Curriculum

First Grade Readiness - article by Alicia Benoit-Clark

Articles from Gateways: A Newsletter of the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America
select articles from back issues available online

The Wisdom of Waldorf: Education for the Future - article by Rahima Baldwin Dancy

The Vital Role of Play in Early Childhood Education - article by Joan Almon

Fact Sheet on Healthy Play - from the Alliance for Childhood

Here are two links comparing the Montessori and Waldorf methods, one written from a Montessori perspective and the other from a Waldorf perspective.

An Alternative View on Why, When and How Computers Should Be Used in Education - article by Valdemar W.Setzer and Lowell Monke

Are Textbooks Necessary? - article by Helene Stapinski

Waldorf Clearing House Newsletter
Archives of Issues published between 1967 and 1988

    from the website:
    "The Clearing House Newsletter was a subscription Newsletter written by and for Waldorf teachers. Over the years, contributions covering a wide range of topics and classroom experience appeared. Early issues served to make visible general news, teaching ideas, newly discovered resources, and the needs of the teachers for translations and source materials. Later issues were generally thematic, addressing one topic or another in the curriculum, or in the practice of Waldorf education. Please bear in mind that this is an archive - and some of the material contained is therefore somewhat dated. However, because we feel that a great deal of it is still useful and should be available to those who are interested, we have elected to publish the contents of each issue in this section of the Online Library. The table of contents for each issue can be found below, and clicking on the link will take you to the appropriate Adobe PDF file. Some of these files are pretty large - please be patient."


    a dissertation written by Carrie Yvonne Norland as part of her work for her PhD. She interviewed a series of students who had attended Waldorf schools (and chose people from a variety of demographics) and asked them about their experiences. If you'd like to see what Waldorf kids think of Waldorf, it's a very interesting read.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Waldorf Method

Curriculum Overviews from Waldorf Schools

Sample Main Lesson Book Pages

Eurythmy FAQ - with links compiled by John Ralph

Waldorf Education: A Family Guide by Pamela J. Fenner
provides an excellent description of each grade and what subjects should be studied

Setting up a Physical Education program for your child
notes from Touch the Earth, Gently by Alan Whitehead

    This valuable book is necessary reading for every homeschooling parent. Alan goes into great detail on the role of the temperaments in Physical Education, the seven movement types, and very specific suggestions as to what should be taught each year and why.

    He recommends seven five-week long P.E. blocks each school year, preferably taught during the last two hours of the day Friday afternoon.

    I strongly urge you not to base your P.E. program strictly on my notes but to purchase the book, available from Bob & Nancy's Bookshop for $16.95.

World Wide School
simply inspirational!

Storytelling - advice from Marsha Johnson

An Alternative View on Why, When and How Computers Should Be Used in Education - article by Valdemar W.Setzer and Lowell Monke

Are Textbooks Necessary? - article by Helene Stapinski

Lazure Painting - by Waldorf Curriculum
This is a summary of information shared between Waldorf Curriculum members on our Yahoo Group regarding Lazure painting

*NEW* Curriculum Resources for the Grades & High School
online version of the catalogue published by the Bookstore at Rudolf Steiner College
booklist for each section of the Waldorf curriclum begins on page 46
this is a great way to read about each of the Waldorf books and choose which ones suit you best

Knitted Animal Patterns - article by Waldorf Curriculum

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