Sun Moon & Shadow Unit Overview
updated February 20, 2010

The Waldorf method emphasizes imaginative play, art and creative activities, music, storytelling, authentic handwork, and honoring the rhythms of the seasons and of life. The preschool years are recognized to be a special time in the development of the child.

This unit is designed to be taught during the Autumn.


The art focus for this unit is fabric artistry.
Exploring Textile Arts - by the editors of Creative Publishing International


The nature focus is camping with your child.
Storyteller's Start-Up Book - by Margaret Read MacDonald

Seeing Stars: Shining Star Light - by Charles Hobson

The Little Book Of Hand Shadows - by Phila H. Webb and Jane Corby

Hand Shadows to Be Thrown upon the Wall - by Henry Bursill
Originally published by Griffith and Farran in 1859, this is now available online as an eBook through Project Gutenberg and you may download it for free.
You can also download the Kindle editionfrom for free.


The handwork focus is working with magic wool.
More Magic Wool: Creating Figures and Pictures With Dyed Wool - by Angelika Wolk-Gerche

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